Inground Pools

Shotcrete with Wet Mix Gunite Pools

Building a Shotcrete with wet mix Gunite Custom Swimming Pool means that you have the flexibility and creative space for a free-form design. Waterside Pools & Spas, LLC in Georgia is a leader in Shotcrete swimming pool construction. You can rely on a quality-built pool, as Shotcrete with wet mix gunite application tends to include a higher amount of cement and a lower amount of water compared to traditional concrete that is casted in place.

Shotcrete with wet mix Gunite is dry enough for any application, and as a result can be applied to standing surfaces like your homes pool walls. Prior to being transported by a concrete truck to your home for installment, Shotcrete with wet mix gunite is mixed at a plant and then poured into the pump, which is then sprayed under pressure into place. Shotcrete with wet mix gunite can sometimes be referred to as “wet gun” concrete. As leaders in the pool industry, the Shotcrete with wet mix gunite installation is applied onto the desired wall thickness, 12” at all stress points, for a compressive strength of 4,000 PSI.

Our Swimming Pool Contractors can incorporate certain amenities that will enhance your pool experience. We offer spas in every size and shape, cozy corners, negative edges, conversation coves, sun shelves, sheer descents, and much more.

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